Born with a dour face and was noted to spend his time as an infant digging in the dirt and stone with his fingers, thus Grimclaw was named. Considered strange even by dwarven standards, he didn’t have the inner lust for gold nor working well with large groups during training exercises or in school, he preferred the solitude and spending hours staring at the sky through the mine shafts. He spent hours arguing with teachers, his family and friends about how the dwarven social structure is inadequate, his odd jokes about nature (and not about rocks and gems) made him shunned by most except for his mother and a close friend of his who saw the passion in his eyes. His father Rodra, an honored veteran soldier in the King’s army, ensured he has a strict education by dwarven standards, it included fighting and tactics, gear care and brew making (which intrigued Grimclaw for other purposes). His mother Aeda, was a well respected stone carver who taught him the knowledge of stone and how to feel and understand it which intrigued Grimclaw the most as he felt fascinated and at peace when working with stone and dirt. Being socially shunned and no patron wanted him to teach him he pleaded with his parents for many years to let him leave the society who cares not for one who acts more of an elf than a dwarf. With great chagrin yet with deep love they understood him as he too possessed the immovable stone will that his family bears.

For many years he wandered through the nearby mountainside and forest, not wanting to venture too far as he still felt homesick, he slowly began to feel more at home within the woods and understanding them, hearing the call and the whispers in the winds and the earth as he ventured, fire taught him their secrets as he stared at it while meditating at night and let the water rush through him during the seasonal downpours and swimming in the water (another very non-dwarf thing). But mother earth isn’t always a lenient teacher, as began to understand the elements more and more, so did the creatures began noticing more and he felt that it was a test, a challenge to master all that is part of the earth and fought hard, not caring for what pain he had to endure. He felt at home.

Years went by with this until several months ago he felt an evil, an unpure feeling emanating from the direction of where he later found to be a large crater. Feeling this too was a test and the wanderlust itching in his soles he left and ended up working for Redbeard as he figured working for him will help him gain better insight of the area and figure out what’s going on with the meteorite rather than alone outside of his element. Thus, his real journey as a druid, began.


Chaos Scar Grimclaw