“All of existence is one large puzzle. A puzzle that must be solved.”


A rumor follows the dwarven artificer: in his youth, he was responsible for the death of his teacher in the artificer’s academy. The rumor holds that he embarked on a dangerous experiment to unlock the secrets of creation. The teacher tried to stop him and died in the attempt.

Officially, it was ruled an accident, but he left that very night and never returned, determined to find the answers and questions of existence on his own. That had been years ago, but the rumor followed him. They call him mad and they were not wrong. His obsession with puzzles and the solving of them had left many dead and many saved in his wake due to his artifice. Now though, he would focus on the Scar. It was more than merely another puzzle to be solved, it was the key to everything, or so he believed. Many interesting characters and singularities were drawn to the scar; a dead man who walked drew his attention in particular. He would delve into the deeps of the scar and there he would find the questions and answers for everything.


Chaos Scar Kevino