Restwell Keep

Restwell Keep is a town of about four hundred people, and is the closest civilized settlement to the Chaos Scar.

The original keep was built an indeterminate time ago by dwarves, judging by the still-standing architecture. It is widely believed that a hobgoblin king named Grimeye enslaved dwarves and had them build the keep, but different residents of the keep argue on the exact history. There are a number of secret passages and unknown chambers within the ancient keep, with rumors of treasure abound. A number of different groups have populated the keep over the years, but all have been overtaken either by malignant forces from inside the Scar, or outside forces destroying the evil group living in the Keep.

About a hundred years ago, a group of adventurers known as the Avenging Light took back the abandoned Keep and started using it as a base of operations. They launched a campaign against the evils of the Scar, driving back the enemy past the King’s Wall and containing the threat, at least for a while. Other adventuring groups joined them in the Keep, and it became known as a safe place for travelers. Over time it developed into a community, with the Light taking up administrative positions.

Currently in charge of the keep is Lord Drysdale, son of Drysdale the paladin, one of the original members of the Light. Following his father’s path, Lord Drysdale is a paladin of Erathis and is more of a military commander than diplomat, but does his best to manage the Keep.

Restwell Keep

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