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This wiki chronicles the events of the Chaos Scar, a valley of chaotic energies and corrupt creatures, where only the bravest stand a chance for glory.  The adventures started when Book (the psychopathic robot), Roam (a mysterious bird-creature with a thirst for death), Dagnar (a dwarven tinkerer obsessed with unraveling mysteries), Healena (a human girl with a troubled past who wanted to do some good), and Caliga (an undead creature trying to understand its own existance) arrived in the valley to work for Redbeard, a dwarf leading a mercenary group bent on ridding the Chaos Scar of its evil, and protecting the nearby town of Restwell Keep.  On an early mission for him, they found a Chaos Shard, a magically charged chunk of the mysterious meteorite that created this valley years ago.  Dagnar was fascinated by this discovery, and started to spend all his free time studying the shard and its properties.  

The group then found another treasure when hunting down a dragonborn thug (whom Book and Greymane brutally tore apart); a secret lair, consisting of an ancient library hidden behind a dragon wyrmling's cave.  The library connected to a comfortable living space deep underground through a secure portal.  The group, adding to its ranks Greymane (a powerful psion with a hidden secret), Cassandre (a scholarly girl with a dangerous passion for knowledge) and Grimclaw (an outcast dwarf linked to the nature spirits), claimed the lair as their own.  They also talk a renegade group of kobolds into working for them as spies and servants across the valley, developing a bond with their leader and renaming him Bubbles.

Not long after settling in they found that the town was under attack once more by the drakes. Rushing back they returned only to find destruction and an injured drake that a mob of peasants and youths had surrounded. After “calming” them down through the skills of Book and Greymane, along with the help of a young girl who spoke some draconic, the group found out that the drakes were being forced into servitude and where they were coming from. After a brief “discussion” with Redbeard they knew what their next objective was.

The group ventured to a peak where the drake and dragonborn attacks were coming from. It was an area infused with magical energies as various pieces of earth and buildings themselves were floating up in the air as if on magical clouds. An honorable ghost was protecting the area as the brigands tricked it into thinking their leader was kin but thanks to Greymane’s dragonborn disguise (which was when the party found out that their companion was a shape shifter), she infiltrated a nearby tower and secured the papers needed (albeit breaking her cover) to prove evidence that the they were no kin to the ghost which sent him into a rage. After defeating the enemy and capturing their leader, the party found out how they were able to control the drakes and use them in battle. Bringing the leader back to Redbeard for questioning, the group returned back to their headquarters to rest and plan their next move.

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