Chaos Shard

The shards are chunks of crystal, varying in size but generally fitting in one hand. Very little is known about them, except that they seem to have come from the original meteor that crashed into the Chaos Scar valley. They come in a variety of colours, and somewhat different shapes.
They hold a certain amount of power in them, and with proper protection and concentration one can channel attacks through them, or imbue them into weapons or equipment, drawing on their power in that way. This makes them very valuable as well as powerful.

Known Chaos Shards

Dagnar found the first shard, a light purple one, in a cave where it was making drakes grow pustules of residuum. He channels his arcane powers directly through the raw crystals. The first time he used it to any great effect, the chaos shard took control of his body and struck out at Healena. After that, he seemed to regain control of it, although he has been becoming more distant and focused on the shards since then.

Grimclaw got the next shard, a deep red one, from the dragonborn Bejik after stopping him from taking over Restwell Keep with his trained drakes. Dagnar had it installed into a helmet with tusks for Grimclaw.

Book claimed the next shard, one so darkly purple it almost looks black, from the depths of a temple. After fighting off waves of undead drawn to the shard and almost being dismantled, he escaped and worked with Dagnar to encase the shard in a maul.

Th kobold Bubbles brought the next shard to Paik, because the shard seems to shift colours and almost shape, just like Paik. She now wears it around her neck as a necklace.

Cassandre then got an emerald green shard from the evil kobold Varza, who was planning on inserting it into the skull of a young dragon named Taloklaxus to gain control of it. Cassandre instead inserted it into the base of the skull of her book imp, to gain more powerful control of it.

Chaos Shard

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