Tag: organization


  • Avenging Light

    The Avenging Light was a group of adventurers who conquered [[Restwell Keep]] a hundred years ago, making it safe for others to populate it. It consisted of [[:drysdale | Drysdale]], a human paladin of Erathis, [[:redbeard | Redbeard]], a dwarf with a …

  • The Golden Circle

    The Golden Circle is a crime syndicate that operates mainly in [[Nentir Vale]], far from the [[Chaos Scar]]. Anyone who knows the Circle well, though, knows that their reach is very far, and they're likely to show up in the most unlikely of places.

  • Fireclaw tribe

    The Fireclaw Tribe is a group of kobolds in the [[Chaos Scar]]. Their leadership consists of five wyrmpriests, and at any time a kobold can challenge one of them to take their place. [[:bubbles | Bubbles]] tried to challenge the most powerful wyrmpriest …

  • Cats of Thleen

    A group of con artists, tricksters and thieves, the Cats are a Robin-Hood-like group, who steal from the rich and sometimes give to the poor, maybe, if they have time. They're generally good people. They're reputed to live somewhere in the [[Chaos Scar …