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  • Bubbles

    Minnock was a member of the [[Fireclaw tribe]], a group of kobolds living in the [[Chaos Scar]]. He tried wrestling leadership from Varza, one of the chieftains, to put himself in a higher position of power but lost. Varza banished him and some of his …

  • Dagnar

    A rumor follows the dwarven artificer: in his youth, he was responsible for the death of his teacher in the artificer’s academy. The rumor holds that he embarked on a dangerous experiment to unlock the secrets of creation. The teacher tried to stop him …

  • Voran Earthmane

    Voran was a goliath sorcerer who lived long ago in the place that ended up being the [[Chaos Scar]], and had a number of outposts where he studied earthen magics.

  • Roam

    During his childhood, Kelbik had difficulties making friends due to his early interest in death and the afterlife and also due to befriending his own shadow. He sought guidance from the clan shaman, whom he considered more of a father than his own. …