Tag: Golden Circle


  • Vanguard Tower

    Using the information they gathered from previous encounters, the party tracks down Sher-Tuuz, and assaults his tower. The tower proves to be three floors of different styles. The first floor is made of earth, and contains architecture and art made of …

  • The Golden Circle

    The Golden Circle is a crime syndicate that operates mainly in [[Nentir Vale]], far from the [[Chaos Scar]]. Anyone who knows the Circle well, though, knows that their reach is very far, and they're likely to show up in the most unlikely of places.

  • Nentir Vale

    Nentir Vale is a distant land, heavily populated. Most things are run by the criminal syndicate, [[The Golden Circle]]. One of the most popular holidays in Nentir Vale is _Sizdah Bedar_, a day in which people play pranks on friends and try to get them …