Defender of the innocent, shining beacon of hope, and all that crap


A devotee of the platinum dragon Bahanut, Seryus was displaced from his order after corruption took root within it. The Golden Circle infiltrated their protected lands, dictating the laws of the region, which were neither lawful nor just, and used their money and influence to make the order enforce them. Seryus confronted his superiors and refused to uphold these laws, and was sent on an impossible mission to far away lands as a result.

The mission: Locate a changeling who has wronged the syndicate somehow. No name, no description, no list of charges, just a general direction to start looking. He figured this assignment was just a way to remove him from the order and its benefactors.

After meeting Paik upon his first foray into the Scar, he suspects there might have been more behind his banishment. He has since vowed to destroy the Golden Circle, and to stand against its members wherever they rear their heads. If not for vengeance for corrupting his order and destroying its honour, then to protect those that the Circle would enslave.

Seryus has grappled with his place in the world, and how he has affected it. He’s seen the ease with which even the best intentioned of good people can be corrupted, seen power struggles destroy communities, people turn against their neighbours, and peaceful villages torn apart by jealousy and greed. He helps solve the problems these situations present, but tends to doubt his efforts have any lasting effect once he’s moved on. He’s often conflicted over what good his actions do in the long run and harbours a bitterness towards his actions. He takes great effort to not show this externally, but with any action comes a moment of doubt, as he’s seen his good acts twisted against both himself and the people he helped almost as often as not.

He’s honed his healing skills to help others, and honed his combat skills to show that just because you’re good and lawful doesn’t mean you have to let people walk all over you. He tries to show, rather than tell, that good can overcome evil, and avoids preaching. He also tries to provide an example of how to be good in a world consumed by evil. He continues being the good guy because it’s what he knows, and what he’s good at.

He carries a holy symbol of Bahamut, which he keeps close to his heart. Though his faith may have wavered in his wanderings, he never stopped upholding the principles of the platinum dragon. Since arriving in the Chaos Scar his faith has been renewed, not only from vanquishing evil, but also in meeting and caring for the adamantium dragon Taloklaxus.


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