Robert Lynch

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.


Hair color: Black
Height: 5.9
age: appears mid to late 40s


Robert was born in the chaos scar to a family of humans descended from some of the original settlers of Restwell keep. exiled from the keep into the scar his ancestors moved deeper and deeper into the scar preying on those foolish enough to wander deep into the twisted woods. over generations, be it due to the weird energies of the scar its self, the strange landscape, isolation or something more sinister the lynches moved closer and closer to madness, depravity and the center of the scar.
Smaller and quieter than his brother, what he lacked in stature he made up in viciousness and cunning. Being the runt of the family he was the target for most the abuse that wasn’t directed at trespassers. This continuing abuse may explain why Robert was unusual even for a lynch. He saw and heard things others didn’t, things lurking in the shadows or in the deep water, his nightmares told him of things he shouldn’t or didn’t want to know.
Isolated in a world of madness and violence, his paranoia grew and grew until one day he met a puppet. Amongst the leftovers of a particularly unfortunate adventurer, Robert found a small mannequin. the toy looked beaten up, abused and abandoned, much how he felt. and it talked kindly to him. Robert had found a friend in a very unlikely place. Robert and his new, only, friend Oswald promised each other they would look out for each other. Even though the voices and things were worst then ever, Robert felt better knowing he had someone he could look after and would look after him.
Robert and Oswald became inseparable, except when Robert had to hide Oswald from his family. they never knew about him, and if they did they would probably take him from Robert, or worst. the two depended on each other and Oswald would tell Robert stories about the world outside, about cities, and worlds beyond this, of kingdoms, and evil wizards, and brave men fighting for beautiful princess. Robert always like the stories about the fighting more than the princesses. but he had never seen a princess before but had done a lot of fighting.
as time passed, the scar and the people in it slowly began to change, more people came into the scar. this was a boon and burden for him and his family, more people meant more prey, they had more and they ate better, but it also meant less privacy and some of the people were very strong. some of the adventurers even began hunting them, they were more clever, Robert guessed they had missed one or two that had escaped and told the others that they were there. So his practice at hiding from his brother and father became very useful, he could stalk prey completely silently and kill in one stroke of an arrow, he stalked those foolish enough to come to close to their home. and Oswald always helped him, telling him where to look, what to watch out for, and he used the shadows and voices and his fear to terrify his prey and harry them where he wanted before picking them off.
this only worked so long though, until one day, Robert returned from an unsuccessful hunting trip to a burned home and slaughtered family. amidst the ruins he found his family, and markings of the city of restwell keep and another set of symbols of the golden circle. Devastated, Robert vowed to burn the people that burned his world down. Alone, except for Oswald he began a one man guerilla war on the golden circle and the town that that first shunned his family and finally murdered them. He attacked patrols, adventureres, merchants, and anyone unlucky enough to enter the scar with increasing brutality. trying even to ally himself with some of the natives he had seen as a child, even they shunned him, but understood that they could make use of him as a weapon to be pointed and let loose, the kobbolds were too meek, the cats to soft. he kept to himself except to purchase supplies he needed and cooperate in larger conflicts.
Untill one day, a set of adventureres fell out of the sky. Oswald convinced him these were different, stronger, and mabee even they could become allies and help him. So far, he has traveled and lived with these strange people. but how long will they work towards the same end?

Robert Lynch

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