Paik is a young female changeling who has sworn vengeance against her former tormentors


Abducted at birth, Paik was raised in an environment of torture and brutality by a criminal syndicate called The Golden Circle that sought to break her independence and turn her into a remorseless agent under their complete control. When her considerable psionic powers began to manifest themselves they redoubled their efforts and increased her constant exposure to ultra violence.

The combination of her telepathic powers and ability to take the other forms enabled her to escape her captors, but she’ll never truly be free of her upbringing.

Despite her forced involvement in murders, abductions and other dark acts, she lives according to an ultra rigid moral code, but one so detached from societal norms that she is often viewed with contempt and perceived as evil. She is particularly disdainful of niceties which she sees as meaningless sentimentalist bullshit. So while she’ll risk her own life to save an innocent life, she won’t lift a finger to calm them down afterwards, being of the opinion that she’s probably been through worse anyways. She’s also quite comfortable with leaving behind showcase deaths to terrify her enemies, making the finishing strike a particularly painful one to leave them in obvious agony for their friends to find, or simply mutilating the corpse to leave behind as a grim totem. When she mentally declares someone her enemy they cease being “people” in her mind. As a result she can see no problem whatsoever with using the cruelest of methods to dispatch them.

Paik is often extremely antagonistic to good-natured individuals that she considers naive, ignorant or spoiled. Despite this, she is extremely respectful of pious-good individuals because of their similar tendency to adhere to a rigid moral code, even though hers is different.

Until recently, Paik was moving about in the guise of a human male of approximately 60 years of age under the alias of Greymane. It was previously extremely difficult for her to reveal her true identity to anyone and would become dangerously unstable, likely violent if she heard anyone make reference to her secret. She has since decided that by hiding her true self she was allowing the Golden Circle to continue to rule her life, as a result she has resumed her true form and has adopted a devil may care attitude towards the consequences of this.

Recently, while working with her new companions, Paik discovered a scroll detailing an arcane ritual that would enable the caster to create a permanent bond with a Drake. A particularly social Drake had previously encountered the group and, with the help of Grimclaw, Paik was able to track down this Drake and successfully performed the ritual. The task was difficult as the original ritual was designed to bend the will of the creature to its master but Paik was already quite fond of it from their previous meetings and was uncomfortable destroying its uniqueness for personal gain, as that’s what her own tormentors tried to do to her. Instead she refined the ritual and incorporated her psionic powers to create a bond based more on a mental link then an act of domination. The result was outstanding, the creature is quite well trained and follows its commands without question, yet retained its original temperament. Recently, Paik has taken to flying throughout the countryside with her companion for countless hours as a kind of unconventional meditation. During these flights she abandons her Greymane persona and retakes her true form, finding the first real happiness she’s ever consciously known.

She then met a satyr named Andaran, they fell in love, got married, had a baby. The baby is a god. They take care of it now.


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