If I can't win, I'll cheat


She was born to a somewhat modern cultural family. Her mother was a respected artiste and her father was a bard. Both were human. She was very much into culture, nature, and politics and lore.
Since she had a small upbringing in a magical and snobbish family, she decided to go into the field herself. She was never good at anything athletic. She studied all cultures, and religions and all sorts of arcane philosophies.

She decided if she couldn’t make a lot of friends, that she would create them or summon them. She started out creating little air elementals that she would play with as a kid. One day, she created a very handsome man, that she liked a lot. She spend a good time with chatting this individual up, however soon she discovered that summoning this type of individual didn’t always summon the same person. She decided to go out on adventure to learn more on how magic worked and gain more information on the culture and religions of people of also use this type of magic. She also hoped that she would be able to perfect the ability to summon this man she fell in love with so she would be able to communicate with him verbally and develop her feelings for him.

She discovered that a lot of the creatures that fellow summoners summoned may have more info on the complicated workings. She vowed that she would find out the truth and maybe find a way to help others in similar situations come out with a happy ending. She also figured it could not hurt if she worked on it. She figured she could make a business out of helping mankind with their sexual desires as well. She is in the process of writing a book entitled “Cum Get Summ” A guide to summoning in inner urges.

She was killed in the Pyramid of Nightmares, raised as a pseudo-undead, then joined the Brotherhood of the Scar and metamorphed into something else.


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