Bubbles is the leader of the kobold group working for the PCs.


Minnock was a member of the Fireclaw tribe, a group of kobolds living in the Chaos Scar. He tried wrestling leadership from Varza, one of the chieftains, to put himself in a higher position of power but lost. Varza banished him and some of his close friends from the Fireclaw Tribe. Minnock managed to survive in the Scar, gathering more outcast kobolds under his leadership. Eventually, though, he came across Hesskin, a dragonborn thug, who bullied Minnock and his group into working for him. Minnock promised hidden riches in a secluded cave if he and his kobold group were let go, hoping to lead Hesskin into a trap. Minnock knew of a dragon wyrmling living in the cave, who would devour all intruders. Unfortunately Hesskin befriended the wyrmling, and the two forced Minnock and his kobolds to keep digging in the cave, still believing there to be buried treasure. Minnock overheard them talking about slaughtering the kobolds after splitting the treasure, but he could find no way out of the situation except to stall. To his shock and amazement, however, the kobolds burst through to an ancient caved in library, with forgotten mysteries abound. Hesskin and his thugs started exploring the library when suddenly rescue came: a group of adventurers from Restwell Keep were hunting down Hesskin, believing him to be behind drake attacks on the Keep. The adventurers slaughtered the wyrmling and Hesskin, then took pity on Minnock and allowed him to live in the now-empty cave, while they took up residence in the old stronghold, magically connected to the ancient library.

Minnock, now fondly renamed “Bubbles”, has continued gathering lost kobolds to his cause. He plans to take revenge on the Fireclaw Tribe, and bring glory to his powerful new patrons.


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