Chaos Scar

The Wayward Wyrmling

Taking down a kobold wyrmling might get the party a new pet

The party works with the Pop-pop tribe to plan a raid on their enemies, the Fireclaw. Though the tribe is weakened and still adjusting to their new limbs, the raid goes on.

Many Fireclaw kobolds are killed, and in the lair of their leader, the party makes a stunning discovery: they have enslaved a baby admantite dragon. While the rest of the party fights the kobolds, Paik and Seryus convince the dragon to throw off his harsh masters and join them, from freedom and to do good.

Their efforts are rewarded when the dragon knocks out the Fireclaw leader, and entrusting himself into the party’s care. The remaining Fireclaw kobolds are granted a chance to join with Bubbles and the Pop-Pop tribe, and their leader is brought before Bubbles for execution, cementing his position as the strongest in the Chaos Scar.

The dragon, Taloklaxus, settles in with Paik’s drake and the Pop-Pop tribe, serving as an inspiration to them and a powerful ally for the group.

A Seryus Journal Entry

This kobold tribe living under our roof has proven to be hardier than I gave them credit for. Even with their metal limbs and lingering illnesses, they possess a drive that I’ve rarely seen. It’s inspiring, really. They listen to us and I guess our influence has rubbed off on them, because they only want to crush evildoers.

We joined with them to help take vengeance on the tribe that outcasted them. The Fireclaw. Evil kobolds. After hearing Bubbles (did he name himself that? I hope not) describe how they were sent away, well, I saw a little of my own life in there. It was the least we could do to help them.

The kobolds themselves proved little threat, overall. I never suspected they’d have a metallic dragon under their control. A miserable creature, really, forced to act against his nature. Paik and I showed him there was a better life available, and thankfully he accepted us. His name is Taloklaxus, and I now have the rare honour of helping to raise him with the ideals and principles of Bahamut. Imagine, a disciple of the platinum dragon raising a fellow metallic dragon, to fight for justice and law. I have shivers.

I wonder what I did to deserve the honour. Paik says it’s a reward for sticking to my principles over blind adherence to my duty. Maybe it’s true. I know I haven’t felt as closely connected to my faith as I am now in a long time. Could this be the end of my wandering? Could this valley be home?



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