Chaos Scar

Healena's Journal Entry

Deity change - reprecussions?

It has almost been two months since Healena’s faith in Melora was utterly lost. In the face of so much constant pain surrounding the Chaos Scar, the loss of a comrade, and the reoccurring nightmare of her past robbing her of any shred of peace Healena’s fragile soul broke. In the darkness a new deity, The Black Raven, gently cradled her fragmented spirit in its hungry embrace.

This new deity has given her powers she has been able to use for good – she even feels stronger for it. In the face of great danger and literal loss of limb, Black Raven’s new gifts saved her and her comrades in their latest battle. But in each shadow looms the guilt and knowledge that Melora is not forgiving. If these two go head to head for her soul, will there be anything left once the battle dust has settled? Or will there be an empty husk of skin, bones, blood, and tissue staring emptily out from dead eyes.

Soon this unanswered conflict will come to head. But who will answer for this? Is Healena in danger or, even worse, is she bringing the danger to her comrades?



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